Tuesday, May 12, 2020

How to Be at Peace

Why is it that sometimes I am at peace, working with serenity, and sometimes my anxiety takes control over me, and my body reacts with skin rashes, hair loss, lack of sleep, overeating, overdrinking, you name it?

Today I was doing my morning meditation listening to the priest talk about having peace and bringing peace to others around you. He mentioned that peace is not a state in which nobody bothers you, or in which you have no problems, or where you have no enemies, he was talking about serenity in your heart while working on solving your problems.

Peace is the result of prayer, reconciliation with God and with others, is about having good work ethic, doing good, being charitable, it comes from God's mercy and love.

Try to overcome evil with an overwhelming abundance of good, and think that every challenge that comes to your way, comes with the grace from God to overcome it. Live and work in the present, because today you have the grace for today’s challenges, tomorrow is not here yet and yesterday is already gone.

Many people worry about things that will never occur; control overthinking your problems, and go one step at the time. Don’t let anyone take away your smile and joy, that smile that is the strength for the ones around you. 

Life is good, enjoy!

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