Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Quarantine

Today my head is overflowing with ideas on how to make the best of this voluntary quarantine.

We are living a Pandemic.

How can we make the best of it while following the recommended self quarantine? Five children, ages 13 thru 25, three active on online classes, four of us on remote work.

So how can we organize everything? Don’t go crazy and focus on personal growth for you and for your children. Looking to grow in generosity, self-discipline, patriotism, citizenship, charity, responsibility, fortitude, decision making, leadership, prudence, temperance. 

Take care of three main things:

First, your spiritual life: grow in inner peace and be able to protect that inner peace. Also, this pandemic coincides with lent, so we can start by offering all this to God as a prayer, leave all your worries in His hands and accept His will. Make sure to include your children and spouse. Offer to God the little things, like the inconveniences and set-backs of cancelled trips, cancelled meetings, cancelled concerts, cancelled tournaments and also, offer to God the big things that can go from getting sick yourself all the way to the death of a loved one.

Second, take care of your body/health, this includes having a healthy meal plan, preparing your body and your family to be in the best possible shape to be ready if the virus visits your home. Green juices, salads, broths, lots of water. Expose yourself to some sun for a little while. Download an exercise app, for running if you can run outside, for legs, abs, yoga, etc. Do a 30 day, 100 abs repetition challenge with the whole family, make it fun.  Keep social distance with your friends at all times.

Finally, take care of your brain study/work and prepare clean working stations with different purposes, some quiet spaces for quiet work and a different space for video conferences. If you are using a bedroom, make sure the closet doors are closed and that you made your bed, make the working area an enjoyable, clean, orderly place. Little kids should respect the silence needed for the important meeting video or conference call.  Make and extra effort to keep the noise down; don’t turn on the vacuum cleaner or the mixer, or the TV too loud while they all work.

If you do not have outside work obligations, you might want to use this time to learn something new, take an interesting online class, listen to an interesting podcast... my favorite is Jordan B. Peterson.

We are all in this together! It will all pass soon! Be patient and remember that the world needs us to be cheerful and healthy in these challenging times! Good luck!

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