Sunday, October 13, 2019


It’s being a while since we last wrote… many things have happened.

Our children have grown, some of them have graduated from college and all of them are now working in one way or the other.

Our home is a more adult world, our youngest is 13 years old and our oldest is now 24. Serious life conversations at our dinner table, work challenges, work related international trips, more responsibilities. Our home is more orderly, our last toys have being donated, trophies are now in a box inside the storage room, clear rooms, many quiet hours.

Life has become difficult, adult world is harsh, international conflicts, conversations about socialism vs capitalism, they challenge our opinions, interesting conversations about the existence of God, international leaders and their ideas.

Now our children are more on their own, living in different countries and only one thing worries me: after all these years of parenting, teaching them virtues, order, obedience, sincerity, loyalty, responsibility, truthfulness; where I have no control at ALL is the correct use of their freedom.

If I look back it was always there, it has always been there, and is the one most important thing God gave us when he created us: our freedom. 

How are you educating your children to have a good use of their freedom? The only way is teaching them to always search for the truth… at a younger age it was about teaching the difference between right from wrong … then getting them to know God, then keeping a relationship with God, but then it comes a time when you may make them sit in the Chapel for an hour but if they don’t want to talk to God they wouldn’t do it… and I think, God would never want to have someone talking to him because someone said so.

Focus on teaching our children the correct use of their freedom at all times, so over the years they may search for the Truth in a good use of their freedom and pray and hope they will have their personal encounter with God.