Saturday, April 15, 2017

On Dating: Helping Our Children Find Mr. or Ms. Right - Part 4: Warning Signs too.

[This is the fourth installment in a series of posts based on great ideas, thoughts and inspirations we have read and collected on dating and that we have been trying to transmit to our teenagers and young adults since their pre-teen years]

In a previous entry, we had mentioned addictions, disrespectful behavior, lack of commitment and indecision and the controlling type, as warning signs. 

The following are other warning signs to be on the lookout for.  To be dosed out repeatedly, with prudence, and age appropriately:

The impulsive type, unable to have self-control in actions and reactions. He or she is with you in public and is not focused on you but on others; lacks commitment; is simply not capable to be in love and faithful to one single person. He or she is not interested in having a plan for life together, having goals together, grow together; not interested in your improvements during life. 

The one that lacks a relationship with God. He or she has to share your believes and traditions. He or she should be open to accompanying you in your believes and should not be an obstacle in your spiritual growth. He or she should help you be a better person, faithful to your religion; should be able to align forces in order to raise a coherent family. He or she should have visible virtues like generosity, order, responsibility, prudence, justice, faithfulness, temperance, fortitude.  "If you see your boyfriend making jokes about church members or traditions or if he or she mocks or disrespects your believes, sacred places or persons, these are all warning signs. You need to be able to pray by your husband's or wife's side in case of an illness, tragedy or moments of great joy."

The unfaithful.  He or she "loves you in his or her own way", is not ready to commit,  is unable to make sacrifices, is unable to let go of others and be exclusive. Likes you, has a good time with you, shares lots of stories with you, spends a great time with you, but is not ready to move forward. If he or she is unfaithful while being your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is more than likely, almost guaranteed, that they will be unfaithful during marriage. 

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