Thursday, May 19, 2016

4th Grade is Over - Don't Panic, Make the Best of This Time!

Our fifth child, our youngest, is reaching the end of  the most beautiful school year: 4th grade -  where everything is magic, where they see their teachers and parents as super powerful and super heroes, where they feel the absolute security that everything around them is under control, that there is no need to be afraid, no need for money, no secrets kept, pure and absolute innocence and truthfulness. 

Fifth grade will be full of physical and hormonal changes, full of challenges, transitions. Girls will begin to be mean to each other, they will start with their little clicks, their friends will start hiding things, testing their power, feelings will be hurt, they will start to show inclination to like some kids more than others. 

To all our friends and readers with kids finishing 4th grade these days:

Enjoy time together, enjoy playing together, enjoy this last summer of pure innocence and joy,  of being a kid at its full potential and welcome the next stage in their lives.

Keep feeding them the healthiest foods and instilling the best habits, big ideas, hope, positive thoughts and an optimistic way of seeing life.  Keep guiding them on what is right and what is wrong,  let them help you when you cook or do chores, let them participate in all you do, make sure you know they know they are very important members in your family. 

Good luck!

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