Thursday, April 10, 2014

Choose to be Happy!

Joy and happiness:  like all the other virtues, you have to work on acquiring it. Thankfully, we have the freedom to be owners of our state of mind.  We can choose to be the kind of person whose emotions are directly related to Wall Street gains and losses, or to the performance of our favorite team, or not.  

When you see clouds, you might think that they have the freedom to float up there in the sky, but they don't, they go wherever the wind sends them. We are not like that, we have determination, we can choose where we go, or how can we approach any situation. We can seize the moment and take control of what is going on. We most also recognize the fact that we are God's children, and God is almighty, so with a strong faith and Him on our side, nothing can defeat us.

  • We must be strong to look at life facing the facts. 
  • We must optimistic, but have our feet firmly planted in reality; achieving balance between illusions and capacities to get to the point of maturity. 
  • We must know ourselves and how things are, objectively.
  • When something is not perfect and it doesn't provoke joy in me, I must stop and think: "is this really that important?" 
  • Some "tragedies" are not necessarily tragedies because we learn from them, they take us to a different place and if learn from them, to greater things.

Serve others, make yourself useful without exhibitionism, without showing off, make someone happy directly because you care. Choose to be happy!