Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prayer of a Teenager's Parent

Our daughter's Catholic high school posted this prayer today and we just had to share it with our readers. Really well done!

Dear God,
Help me remember the strongest influence
I have on my teenager's way of life,
Is the example I set with my life.

Help me enjoy these years as they question everything,
Explore their growing independence, 
and discover themselves.

Help me focus on the person my teenager is on the inside,
not on the outside appearance.

Help me give attention to the "little things" 
so they will come to me with the "big things"

Help me teach them accountability
and resist the temptation to protect them 
from the natural consequences of their actions.

Help me whisper 
when I feel like yelling
and hug when I feel like pushing them away.

Help me show them that,
even when I don't agree with what they think or do,
I will always love and accept them.

Help me know when a problem
 is too big to be handled within our home,
and not be afraid to reach outside for help.

Help me allow my teenagers the room to expand 
their experiences while still providing them the security
of well defined boundaries.

Help me truly listen by focusing on their priorities
and how they see the world. 

Help me remember that when I was a teenager,
I made mistakes and had to find my own way.

Lord, help me remember the best gifts
I can give my teenager are 
my time, my love, my attention
and my approval.