Saturday, December 15, 2012

What can we do?

We believe that we should raise our children teaching them virtues, good values, good habits - preventive and positive education.

When the country seems split about forbidding guns and on its way to legalizing drugs. When marriage between one man and one woman is being attacked as the main building block of our society. When mothers are allowed to kill their unborn babies inside their own uterus; it doesn't mean we have to follow this path. Even when something can be legal, it does not mean it is right.

What can we do so our children will make the right choices and help steer this complicated world in the right direction?  One thing we must do: We can bring up children who can make good use of their freedom, who become compassionate, understanding, responsible adults. More on this later...

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Linda said...

I look forward to seeing your further posts on this, but you asked the question, "What canwe do?" I think the answer has to be that we take our children away from the state, and bring them home, so that they spend more time with those whose values we expect them to model. I can't steer the world, but I can guide my child. I'm what Time4Learning calls an accidental homeschooler, I never intended to be a homeschooler, until one day it became the only viable choice. I have trouble seeing any other way to guide our children on the the right path. Thanks for asking the question!