Saturday, June 23, 2012


"Character" is the constellation of virtues possessed by a person. "Character education" is the deliberate effort to cultivate virtues.

Several years ago, I was trained and worked for five years as a counselor at my old school (my eldest daughter's new school). Trained by Mr. David Isaacs and the IEEE, we focused on working with the students helping them to develop virtues such as prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance.

I also had the opportunity to help them develop work-related qualities of character: self-discipline; persistence; dependability; diligence; and responsibility, including making the most of one's education.

I also help them confront the most fundamental human questions: 
 -How should I live my life? 
 -What qualities in human beings are admirable and worth emulating? 
 -What goals are worth pursuing? 
 -What leads to fulfillment in life, and what does not?

Our goal as parents should be to help our children be able to answer this fundamental questions, What qualities in human begins are admirable and worth emulating? Our society pushes us to consume, to buy stuff, to try to be like a movie star; and rarely do we think about what are the important virtues that we should have in order to succeed in life: courage, order, discipline, responsibility.

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