Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hope (because you can!)

Hope is to expect with confidence, to be realistic, to have a goal and to live in the present where God is with us. Live with the determination that we can reach that goal and having a realistic plan on how are we going to reach for it with specific actions right now. 

Our children should know themselves on a positive and realistic way and should have a project for life, something to fight for, a reason to be living.

Where am I going?  How should I live my life? What qualities in human beings are admirable and worth emulating? What goals are worth pursuing? What leads to fulfillment in life, and what does not? This is the most important project they should be working on, and having that in mind they will be living a better right here and right now, with hope for a future. 

In this present instant is where we have all the grace of God and His help to overcome the difficulties of today.

Stop living in the past or afraid of the future, start living the present because today you CAN, you have His help!