Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leadership - Key Competences

I have being doing some research on how can we raise our children to be responsible, proactive, positive leaders in our communities.

We should focus on teaching them key competences such as:

- Communication skills, how can they express themselves so their message reaches out to the people they want to communicate with.

- Conflict resolution, so they can see problems with the right perspective, not enlarging them or diminishing them.

- Self-confidence, sometimes being different is being better, not acting on certain way just because everybody is doing it; think, analyze, measure consequences and then act.

- Being pro-active, to actively participate in community service projects, use their talents, skills and time to help others.

- Act facing God at all times, being responsible for their acts and consequences, making sure that He is with them in every step of the way, to help and guide them in the right direction.

- Time management, prioritizing God first, family second, school work third and then their social life. Learning on how to keep an agenda so they can be sure that there is time to do everything that is needed to be done, to do things on time, to have time to be with everybody else.

We need leaders that can help others reach their goals, leaders that can put their talents and privileges at the service to others and pass their experience and knowledge to future generations.

We need strong, confident, intelligent, well prepared, talented, virtuous leaders among us.


Anonymous said...

Very good points!

Be blessed,
Terri Sue'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your submission to the Modern Families blog carnival.

gawakita said...

Thanks for this, mate. This will help me in pursuit of excellence for me boy!